Device to Tackle Mosquito Borne Diseases

Microsoft has developed a develop which enhances in tackling the Mosquito Borne diseases. This technology is based on a prototype trap for finding the mosquito borne diseases. The devices detects and prevents emerging infections or outbreaks from the disease. Microsoft’s prototype trap technology is an innovative achievement by the company. ┬áThe entomologists with the help of this prototype trap enhance their observations and prevention activities faster. The trap provides details of the the kind of mosquito which entered the trap, the time, temperature and humidity.


The trap helps to detect and prevent mosquito borne diseases

This project is named “premonition” and is a new technology approach to to trap mosquitoes and test for dangerous diseases like dengue and Zika. The traps are designed in such a way to trap the required type of mosquitoes making the detection easier for the entomologists. The device uses two battery powered microprocessors to collect information and transmit wireless.

The Premonition device is 1000 times better than the devices existing today

The device is designed weather proof allowing it to work any climatic conditions. The trap is more efficient that other devices existing today. According to Microsoft the device is an early warning system to identify dangerous mosquito born diseases before the people get infected. The device is more beneficial in the remote areas and the water stagnated areas. As there is a possess of threat about Zika, Microsoft has decided to launch the device earlier than the planned time.

Updated: June 26, 2016 — 3:39 am

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