Florence Enables to Communicate with Plants

A Microsoft research project named Florence enables an individual to communicate with plants through a system. The previous saying that talking to plants and listening to music beside the plants enables them to grow faster has become a reality with project Florence.  Gardeners are happy with this project as they can talk with the plants. They strongly  beleave that communication with plants benefit their growth and how plants respond to human communication.


Senors are connected to the leaves, roots, and soil

In this process the researcher created a project named Florence which could chat with the plants. A sensor loaded plant capsule is connected to a computer and send messages to the plant. Some of the sensors are first connected to the leaves, root and stems of the plant. The messages typed on the computer are first mapped for the sentiment and then translated into a Morse code like a series of blinks.

Florence project is a scientific break through

The sensors connected to the roots, leaves and stems reads the plants emotions and create a positive or negative message. This is translated into words back in the computer. The project is planning to construct quadraphonic and hydroponics farm in the campus. The project Florence is a definitely a scientific breakthrough. The researches in plant communication is still in an early stage. Florence is just the first instance of connecting with nature.

Updated: June 12, 2016 — 3:22 am

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