Nanotech Coating to Shampoo Bottles

The recent studies revealed that a Nanotech coating the shampoo and detergent bottles can reduce the wastage. The Shampoo Bottles are made of plastic, polypropylene. These plastic bottles are difficult to empty as the content sticks to wall to of plastic bottles. The shampoo does not get out easily making it difficult to slide. A team of researchers from Ohio have found out a solution to this issue.


The soapy materials slide easily due to Nano Silicon Coating on the Containers

The technology assures to reduce the frustration and reuse or recycle the plastic bottles.  The soapy materials tend to stick to the walls of the container. A microscopic coating containing Y shaped structures and made up of Nano silicon particles are applied to the bottles. This technology enables the soapy molecules to slide out easily through the plastic containers. The branches of Y shaped structures provide a smooth surface with stiff angles making the content to slide easily.

The technology is environment friendly and enables recycling

The technology is similar to that of Hydrophobic coating. The Nanotech is environment friendly. Only silica is added to the coating, which causes no harmful effects. The technology also supports the recycling and easy cleaning of the plastic containers. The technology can be applicable to other types of plastics also like the optical media, roofing, smartphone cases and more.


Updated: June 30, 2016 — 4:10 am

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