Pepper Robot Receives Patients

The Humanoid Robots receives and guides the patients and visitors to the required departments in a Belgian Hospitals. Two hospitals in Belgium have organised Robots as receptionist welcoming people coming to the hospitals and leads them to the various departments of the Hospitals. This is the first time Robots are being used in the Medical field. Visitors and patients at the hospital are also excited with the performance of the Robots.


Pepper Robot Costs around 30,000 Euros

The cartoon featured pepper robot costs nearly 30,000 euros. The robot is manufactured by Tokyo based Tech firm soft bank and versions are assembled in France where they have tested the services of these Robots in Shopping Malls. The manufacturers describe their robot as friendly, social and surprising. The Robot has a Tablet mounted on its chest position. The interactions with humans are made with cameras and microphones fitted on its heads and touch sensors in its heads and hands.

The Pepper Robot Recognizes 20 Languages

This Pepper robot can understand 20 languages and is able to detect to whom it is interacting with either man, women or child. The robot is 140 cms in height and moves with the help of wheel beneath. The manufactures have already created and released the smaller robots “Nao” which are being used in several retirement homes and care homes around the world. The pepper Robot is all set up to help the patients in the hospitals.


Updated: June 20, 2016 — 4:20 am

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