Device to Tackle Mosquito Borne Diseases

Microsoft has developed a develop which enhances in tackling the Mosquito Borne diseases. This technology is based on a prototype trap for finding the mosquito borne diseases. The devices detects and prevents emerging infections or outbreaks from the disease. Microsoft’s prototype trap technology is an innovative achievement by the company.  The entomologists with the help […]

Super Computer from China

The Worlds new powerful Computer is the Sunway TaihuLight super computer. The super computer has been declared as the world powerful computer due to its extra ordinary features. The super computer beat the previous record holder also from China. This makes China the nation with most HPCs in the world. The Sunway TaihuLight system is attractive […]

Pepper Robot Receives Patients

The Humanoid Robots receives and guides the patients and visitors to the required departments in a Belgian Hospitals. Two hospitals in Belgium have organised Robots as receptionist welcoming people coming to the hospitals and leads them to the various departments of the Hospitals. This is the first time Robots are being used in the Medical […]

Tarantula Venom to cure pain

A group of Researchers discovered that the Tarantula venom can be helpful in the treatments of Irritable bowel syndrome or migraines with aura.  A group of people have been collecting venom from snakes, centipedes, scorpions and spiders to research in developing venom which can be useful in the treatment of certain diseases. The researchers have come up with […]

App for Anxiety and Depressions

A group of British researchers have succesfully designed a smartphone app to help manage anxiety and depression problems depending on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). The App is named “Catch it” uses psycological approaches to mental health and well being through CBT. Congnitive Behaviour Therapy is a therapy which helps the patients manage problems by changing […]

Non permanent Tattoos

A part of the Human body is designed with an indelible drawing by inserting pigment into punctures in the skin is called a Tattoo. A Tattoo design is selected and choosen by the person who is willing to get drawn on his body by the Artist. These Tattoo’s usually are life long lasting. It cannot be […]

The Worlds first Passenger Drone

A Chinese manufacturing company Ehang has released the worlds first passenger drone this year. The drone enables to transport passengers from one place to another without the help of a Pilot. The Ehang 184 drone measures 1.4 meters high and  features eight prophellors existing in the four arms which can be folded toward the body […]

Features offered by Bluedart Website

It’s no doubt that Bluedart is the most widely used courier service. There are a lot of reasons behind it’s success but according to me, it can attributed to it’s versatile features. Unlike other courier companies in the country, it isn’t limited by technical constraints. The simplest example is that all major couriers take a […]

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